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Mini Asia RP
Hello and welcome to Mini Asia RP! Where any Asian idol is welcome. We also welcome idols who are connected to anywhere in Asia and fictional characters!

Admin K

Co-admin's J and JJ

Mini Asia welcomes back co-admin Jui of GOTCHAROCKA! Members and even non-members please make him feel welcome!

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If you sent anything to us and we haven’t replied please send it again!

Mini Asia welcomes Sugizo of Luna Sea and X Japan! Members and even non-members please make him feel welcome!

Mini Asia has been invited by HaroProRoleplay to join the Battle Royale event!

Do join in guys! It sounds very fun!

Life is a game. So fight for survival and see if you’re worth it. 

You just have to fight for yourselves; No one’s going to save you. Challenge your skills and compete with others for survival in our annual Battle Royale event! The bloodshed begins Thursday, July 10th. Official sign-ups end at 12:00 PM EDT (Eastern Daylight Time), so let us know you’re joining before it’s too late!

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We have edited the masterlist a bit. Only small things like, changing relationship statuses, url’s, etc.

But please tell us if you change your url! ^^

Alright! I posted all the requests! If you still want to request someone our askbox is always open! These were the people requested and the people who requested them!


  • The rest of FT Island


  • hide
  • Miyavi
  • Takeru


  • Kaya
  • Moran
  • Nemesis
  • SID
  • The GazettE


  • We allow any Asian idol. (ex. Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Korean, etc.)
  • We allow any idol that is connected to anywhere in Asia. (ex. YOHIO, Avril Lavigne, etc.)
  • We allow fictional characters from Asian animations, movies and books. (ex. Shuya Nanahara from Battle Royale, Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji, Tao from Noblesse, etc.)
  • All are accepted. General, Semi-AU, AU, and OC’s.
  • We are an open rp directory.
  • Your url can be whatever it is you want!
  • We now accept duplicates!
  • Double directories are also allowed.

We invite you to come check us out! It is alright if you don’t though, we’ll support you even if you choose a different directory!

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