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Hello and welcome to Mini Asia RP! Where any Asian idol is welcome. We also welcome idols who are connected to anywhere in Asia and fictional characters!

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Kyo is now off the masterlist.

Due to leaving.

The following are no longer on the masterlist;

  • GACKT - Due to deactivation.
  • Jennie Kim - Due to deactivation.
  • Jonghyun - Due to Inactivity.
  • Minpha - Due to character change.
  • Shou - Due to deactivation.
  • Tooru - Due to inactivity.

Mini Asia welcomes Kami of Malice Mizer! Members and even non-members please make him feel welcome!

uenojurime said: Take as much time as you need, Kazami-san!

Thank you so much! I did just that and now I am back!

The Eternally Blooming Flower

Mini Asia welcomes its newest affiliate! Lilium RP!

Mini Asia welcomes Minpha of Call Me! Members and even non-members please make him feel welcome!

Mini Asia welcomes actress and model Ueno Juri! Members and even non-members please make her feel welcome!

Heyyyyy you’re not a terrible admin~! You’re a great admin~ Its okay ABC is a hard band because they don’t have any “official” pictures together only yasu really does the photoshoots, so I had to find a selca taken at lives~

Awwww, I love you big brother Yasu. *he smiled* Okay, I changed the picture on the post! Thank you again! But I have one more thing to ask~ Um…that guy on your far right in the picture…..can I keep him? He looks really cute.

  Anonymous said:
*whispers* that pic you used for ABC is a Janne Da Arc pic~ ^^ - offline yasu

Thank you for telling me! I hope this isn’t too much to ask but I am such a newb with ABC, can you maybe send me a picture I could use when you get back online?

-Terrible admin Kazami

Daigo of Breakerz is being requested at Mini Asia! Come join as him today!

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